Paris is particularly suited to all-hours entertainment and staying up all night, thanks to its famous nightclubs and cabarets and opportunities for romantic nocturnal walks along the Seine and in the streets of Montmartre. However, there is a Nuit Blanche (White Night) that the Six Hotel particularly recommends...


The 18th edition of Nuit Blanche

The Nuit Blanche is all about inviting artists to use the capital’s public spaces as settings for displays, installations and performances that night owls can discover during their nocturnal strolls. This all-night festival makes contemporary art accessible to the general public by taking it out of museums and galleries. As every year, the Nuit Blanche will be held during the first weekend of October. In 2019 that will be the 5th and 6th.


This year’s theme is movement

One of the highlights of the 2019 Nuit Blanche will undoubtedly be the transformation of the entire Paris Périphérique into a giant cycle track illuminated by artists. This offers a unique way to explore this major ring road as well as the outlying districts and suburbs of Paris. To add to the evening’s appeal, there will be parades, plus walks that will give you the opportunity to listen to, admire and question artists and their works, which will range from performance art to dance, music and even video. The Six Paris team suggests that you check out the full programme on the official website and they will then advise you on the best ways to reach the various venues of this new Nuit Blanche.

Convivial, warm and open, the Six Paris likes to share experiences with its guests. We sincerely recommend the Nuit Blanche because it reflects our values ​​and offers, in a totally uninhibited way, a fascinating and fun way to discover all the richness of contemporary creativity.



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