Until February 16th the Bon Marché Rive Gauche department store has given the Japanese architect and designer Oki Sato carte blanche to bring something wonderful to their spaces. The creator responded by evoking the theme of water and flowers in a trio of beautiful art installations. Discover these, as well as the private salons provided by Bon Marché for your personalised shopping sessions, during your stay at the Six Paris.


Ame Nochi Hana; Rain Flowers


Imagine big white raindrops descending from the canopy of the Bon Marché and gradually blooming into a field of flowers. They then return to the canopy to begin the cycle again, while accompanied by music! The creator's idea? To refresh our emotions with good rainwater! But as rain can also symbolise tears, he decided to turn it into flowers, which always bring joy!

Head next to the ground floor, where you’re invited to walk on a long white plinth holding a transparent umbrella. Under your feet appear moving images of water and flowers against a backdrop of Parisian views. In the tradition of Japanese scroll paintings, this installation offers a sensation as surprising as it is soothing. You can add to the experience on the same floor with the Rain Bottle installation, in which 20 bottles represent the many words that the Japanese language has for different types of rain. Autumn rain, sudden downpour, drizzle and even drops falling from the end of a branch; all have their own names in Japanese.


Salons for your shopping convenience


The third floor of Bon Marché has some (very) special salons. These elegant spaces have been fitted out as high class Parisian apartments. The store’s stylists and personal shoppers welcome customers and present a selection of pieces chosen by prior arrangement or picked by you from the store’s selections. And to make the experience even better, you can add a beauty or manicure session or a tasting of... Champagne!



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Credit Photo : © Bon Marché Rive Gauche © Nendo

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