Os tratamentos do Six & Spa by Payot Hotel Le Six Paris | Hotel **** Paris


A utilização do spa é gratuita para os hóspedes, sob reserva.


Beauty treatment for hands to enhance the beauty of your hands

  45 min / 70€

Beauty treatment for feet to enhance the beauty of your feet

  45 min / 90€

Nail polish or French manicure

  15 min / 20€

 Precious treatment for hands

 Manicure, scrub, mask and hydrating care to enhance the beauty of your hands

  60 min / 100€

Precious treatment for feet

Pedicure, scrub, mask and hydrating care to enhance the beauty of your feet

60 min / 100€


Bikini waxing: 40€

Brazilian bikini waxing: 60€

Full bikini waxing: 80€

Full legs: 60€

Half legs: 40€

Arms: 40€

Under arms: 40€

 Face: 30€

Lips, eyebrows: 30€

Back, Trunck: 30€


Blow dry (30 min / 90 €)- on washed hair or in room only

Hair cut & Blow dry (45 min / 120 €)- in room only

Gala’s hairstyle (à partir de 60 min / 120€)- shampoo not included

Color or highlights (45 min / 60 €)

Curly or smoothy hair (60 min / 110 €)

Make up : 60 min / 150 € 



Relaxing and Invigorating Ritual to provide relaxation and wellness to your body

60 min / 110€

Feet reflexology, relaxing thanks to pressure applied to your reflex zones

60 mn / 110€

Mineral scrub, exfoliates and deeply purifies your skin, the treatment is combined with a relaxing ritual

60mn / 110€

Light legs, specific care that helps to stimulate your bloodstream to regain light legs

45 mn / 100€

Delights for the back, this complete treatment helps you to release the tension of the day and to regain a perfect

60 mn / 110€

Invigorating care,  this treatment will firm your skin and tone your bust for a perfect silhouette

90 min / 160€



Hydra-moisture Ritual, intense moisturizing bath for the thirstiest skin. The complexion is back to freshness and luminosity.

45 mn / 100€

Purity Ritual, purifying and rebalancing treatment based on green coffee extracts.

Perfect hygiene and freshness results for all combination and oily skin

60 mn / 100€ 

Softness Ritual, a huge softness and well being bubble, including a facial modeling with a mythic  

product based on lavender and thyme and finally completed by a fresh soothing mask  

60 min / 100€

Superlift treatments, to smooth wrinkles, with delicate fig fragrance

60 min / 100€

Lift absolute ritual, an anti-ageing treatmentwith calcium to firm and remodel the oval shape of the face

75 min / 120€

Perfect-Experience-Ritual, complete “cocooning” treatment to fight against global skin ageing on face, neck and décolleté

90 min / 150€


For men

Opti-Male Ritual, a relaxing treatment trade on made for men in order to cleanse, energize and smooth the skin

60 min / 100€



◊ Le Soin Bol d’Oxygène - 60 min / 110 €                                       

This complete treatment stimulates the bloodstream in order to detoxify your skin thanks to two specific massages created for you well-being.

◊ Le Soin pureté au masculin - 60 min / 110 €                                

A unique experience made just for men in order to moisturize and tonify the skin. The complexion is brighter and fresher.

◊ Le Soin Lift Alpes - 80 min / 140 €                                           

This anti-ageing care fights against the sign of ageing in order to reshape the contours of your face. Your skin is luminous and smoother.

◊ Le Soin Sève de vie - 60 min / 110 €        

Specific anti-ageing care for a toned result and a luminous complexion.



◊ Le Soin Comme La Neige - 60 min / 110 €                                     

This ultra-moisturizing body care combines a mineral scrub to a cream bath in order to deeply nourish the skin

◊ Le Soin LiftAlpes - 90 min / 180 €                   

A specific massage with salt bags followed by a Cranberry and Blackcurrant body pack for a toned and firmed body.

◊ Le Rituel Corps Pure Altitude - 50 min / 110 €                                        

Toning and circulatory ritual which uses essential oils to tonify and relax your body. Release the tension thanks to this relaxing care.

◊ Le Rituel à la Bougie - 50 min / 110 €

This brand new essential care repairs the skin where it needs it the most, and harmonize your body and mind.

◊ Le Rituel énergétique des Alpes - 80 min / 150 € 

This draining treatment provides well-being and helps your body to eliminate impurities to regain a purified body.

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