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Hammam, massages and spa treatments at Hotel Le Six

Le Six and Spa by PAYOT proposes massages and treatments as well as manicures, waxing, hair dressing or steam bath. For all services it is recommended to make an appointment. Access to Hotel Le Six Hammam is free for hotel guests upon reservation.


Beauty treatment for hands to enhance the beauty of your hands

  45 min / 70€

Beauty treatment for feet to enhance the beauty of your feet

  45 min / 90€

Nail polish or French manicure

  15 min / 20€

 Precious treatment for hands

 Manicure, scrub, mask and hydrating care to enhance the beauty of your hands

  60 min / 100€

Precious treatment for feet

Pedicure, scrub, mask and hydrating care to enhance the beauty of your feet

60 min / 100€


Bikini waxing: 40€

Brazilian bikini waxing: 60€

Full bikini waxing: 80€

Full legs: 60€

Half legs: 40€

Arms: 40€

Under arms: 40€

 Face: 30€

Lips, eyebrows: 30€

Back, Trunck: 30€


Blow dry (30 min / 90 €) - on washed hair or in room only

Hair cut & Blow dry (45 min / 120 €)- no hairwash or in room only

Gala’s hairstyle (à partir de 60 min / 120€)- hairwash not included

Color or highlights (45 min / 60 €)

Curly or smoothy hair (60 min / 110 €)

Make up : 60 min / 150 € 



Relaxing and Invigorating Ritual to provide relaxation and wellness to your body

60 min / 110€

Feet reflexology, relaxing thanks to pressure applied to your reflex zones

60 mn / 110€

Mineral scrub, exfoliates and deeply purifies your skin, the treatment is combined with a relaxing ritual

60mn / 110€

Light legs, specific care that helps to stimulate your bloodstream to regain light legs

45 mn / 100€

Delights for the back, this complete treatment helps you to release the tension of the day and to regain a perfect

60 mn / 110€

Invigorating care,  this treatment will firm your skin and tone your bust for a perfect silhouette

90 min / 160€



Hydra-moisture Ritual, intense moisturizing bath for the thirstiest skin. The complexion is back to freshness and luminosity.

45 mn / 100€

Purity Ritual, purifying and rebalancing treatment based on green coffee extracts.

Perfect hygiene and freshness results for all combination and oily skin

60 mn / 100€ 

Softness Ritual, a huge softness and well being bubble, including a facial modeling with a mythic  

product based on lavender and thyme and finally completed by a fresh soothing mask  

60 min / 100€

Superlift treatments, to smooth wrinkles, with delicate fig fragrance

60 min / 100€

Lift absolute ritual, an anti-ageing treatmentwith calcium to firm and remodel the oval shape of the face

75 min / 120€

Perfect-Experience-Ritual, complete “cocooning” treatment to fight against global skin ageing on face, neck and décolleté

90 min / 150€


For men

Opti-Male Ritual, a relaxing treatment trade on made for men in order to cleanse, energize and smooth the skin

60 min / 100€



◊ Le Soin Bol d’Oxygène - 60 min / 110 €                                       

This complete treatment stimulates the bloodstream in order to detoxify your skin thanks to two specific massages created for you well-being.

◊ Le Soin pureté au masculin - 60 min / 110 €                                

A unique experience made just for men in order to moisturize and tonify the skin. The complexion is brighter and fresher.

◊ Le Soin Lift Alpes - 80 min / 140 €                                           

This anti-ageing care fights against the sign of ageing in order to reshape the contours of your face. Your skin is luminous and smoother.

◊ Le Soin Sève de vie - 60 min / 110 €        

Specific anti-ageing care for a toned result and a luminous complexion.



◊ Le Soin Comme La Neige - 60 min / 110 €                                     

This ultra-moisturizing body care combines a mineral scrub to a cream bath in order to deeply nourish the skin

◊ Le Soin LiftAlpes - 90 min / 180 €                   

A specific massage with salt bags followed by a Cranberry and Blackcurrant body pack for a toned and firmed body.

◊ Le Rituel Corps Pure Altitude - 50 min / 110 €                                        

Toning and circulatory ritual which uses essential oils to tonify and relax your body. Release the tension thanks to this relaxing care.

◊ Le Rituel à la Bougie - 50 min / 110 €

This brand new essential care repairs the skin where it needs it the most, and harmonize your body and mind.

◊ Le Rituel énergétique des Alpes - 80 min / 150 € 

This draining treatment provides well-being and helps your body to eliminate impurities to regain a purified body.

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